Riverside Foreign Car Club

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Larry Maloney

Vice President

In High School I was as interested in Cars as any High school kid. I wanted a ride, lusted after a Stingray or a Mustang but I was not particularly knowledgeable. My first car was 1927 Auburn Sedan 6-66. It did not flourish under my tutelage. At the time I drove an undistinguished parade including a '54 Pontiac Sedan, a '57 Ford Fairlane Coupe and later a '62 Buick Invicta.

Then I had the good fortune to live for a year in France and I fell in love with racing and small sporty foreign cars. The very first Motor Race I attended was by accident. I had a car ( 1969 Renault 16 ) and others wanted to be driven to a race. I agreed to drive, so we attended the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix ( won for the 5th time by Graham Hill, Ronnie Peterson won the F-3 Race ). I was hooked on Racing and on Grand Prix Racing in particular.

When I returned to the states and college I began attending Races at Riverside International Raceway and Laguna Seca events. As with most of the racing world I loved CanAm. I brought the Renault back with me a drove it for many miles until it gave out in a blizzard in Ames Iowa.

Since those days of yor, I have driven a tinkered with a relatively undistinguished list of vehicles including an Red 850 Fiat Roadster, Renault 17 Gordini, a Honda Civic Si, a '74 Fiat X 1/9, a '74 Jensen Healey, a couple of Datsun Roadsters, a Porsche 914, a Porsche 911 SC, 1937 Chevrolet Coupe, '80 Fiat x 1/9, and culminating in the current daily driver 2003 Mini Cooper S.

Over the years there were many more cars I lusted after but could never own. My solution to that crisis of desire was to Photograph the cars I wanted admired or just liked. While my collection of vehicles is mini, my accumulation of automotive images is in excessive.

Although I have achieved very little in the automotive realms, I still have goals. I hope to see the "24 Heures de Le Mans" and to drive a Ferrari, that's not to much is it.

Viva l'Automobile