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Exhaust Notes 2006 Spring

Presidents Note for RFCC

Dear Car Folks,

We have here another installment of the Exhaust Notes the official publication of the Riverside Foreign Car Club.

I hope you find something of interest here and I hope you will be joining us at our monthly meeting at the Cask and Cleaver in Riverside on University Avenue. In May we talked to Tony Adamowicz, our guest speaker. You might know him from La Mans, Ferrari, the Polish Racing Drivers of America (aka PRDA), and Formula One. Then at our June meeting we saw a vintage racing video from the early years of sports car racing on the West Coast. Come on down and join us at 6:30 in the evening on the first Tuesday of each month (except July, when we will meet on Thursday the 6th).

I recently returned from a pilgrimage to the heart of 'Corvettedom', the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. On this trip, I gleaned many new car factoids: Thirty-five Corvettes do not look the same even when they are the same color! Charlie B. has expounded more fully within these pages on the Corvette Grand Sport Reunion.

While passing through Memphis during our trip to Bowling Green, we saw he newest trend in car fashion. 30-inch chrome wheels mounted with ultra low-profile tires on a 4-door sedan. It would be hard for me express here the impact this NEW LOOK has on me!

The best Route 66 Museum is in Clinton, Oklahoma. A must stop for gearheads and other drivers. Remember the "Mother Road."

Here's another one. In Kentucky they number the stop lights! The driving instruction "L to 3rd Stop" means turn left and proceed, may be 5 or 10 miles, and any number of intersections, to the stop light designated as number three! This will not be the 3rd stop light but the STOP LIGHT clearly designated and Number 3!

If you are looking for Motel 6 in Memphis it will be there, but it will be hiding under a Motel 7 sign.

In Kentucky everybody has a front porch. And on every front porch there are at least two lawn chairs and a BBQ. (Larry - how about bloodhounds? - ed.) That is just the way things are done in Kentucky.

I am telling you this things only because I want you to have a safe and enjoyable journey should you find yourself in the beautiful green country known as Kentucky.

And finally, if you find yourself on Route 40 west of Amarillo, Texas, you should stop at the Cadillac Ranch. It is an attraction unlike any other. There are no signs. There are no paved walkways. There is no parking lot. There are just 10 Cadillacs half buried in a field. Both Charlie and I have the pictures. The en trance fee is $0.00 but the value is much higher. I rate it a 5 gear out of 6 level attraction.

But enough about our trip. We'd really like to have you come on down to one of our meetings . . . I'll buy you an adult beverage.

larry maloney