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Alexandre Beloussov

I was born in Republic of Belarus, former Soviet Union in 1974. I married a US citizen and followed her to the United States. Immigrating to the US, opened a huge number of possibilities for personal, professional and leisure growth. Having been educated in the USSR (free, high quality, high education available to any USSR citizen at the time) enabled me to get a perfect job in the US - a Jr.(at the time) Software Engineer position at Optivus - an engineering company that makes cancer treatment facilities.

Having a good job is a key to a nice life in this country. Being obsessed with cars since the age of 6, and not being able to have one (my parents didn't have a car) wasn't acceptable to me. In high school I signed up for an auto repair class and was a certified mechanic by the time I graduated. I did, however, choose Computer Engineering profession for the "Big Picture". I never forgot my obsession with cars and got one as soon as California issued me driver's license. My first car was a 1987 Hyundai. This car, although raggedy and "blah", ran and got me to and from work... well, at least for two months. It finally broke down and we were forced to buy a brand new Ford Escort.

Sasha's BMW As we all probably know, an Escort is the most boring car one could drive. And yet again, it took me to and from work...well...for another two weeks before power steering pump went on it. Since my high school years, I decided that my dream car is a BMW. After several "Check Engine" lights, rattles and noises, I began to search for my dream car. A 4 months search yielded a 1993 BMW 325I - a gorgeous (at least to me) car. Driving every minute of it was fun. For the first couple of months, I started waking up earlier to be able to get behind the wheel of my car sooner. Then as it always goes, minor upgrades have followed - new rims, K and N filter, etc...

Like any old car, this one started to deteriorate rather quickly. Fixing it, either hanging out at the shop, dealership or doing the work myself was extremely fun. The best moments were when car was "running again". Unfortunately, the last drop was when it was diagnosed with a failed head gasket. It subsequently was traded for a newer 3er (a 2000 to be exact), which is now my wife's car.

DeeDee's BMW

I wasn't too crashed though, by that time I had a new hobby - restoring cars. And I already had a project - a 1987 944 normally aspirated, 5spd. I have found it at an impound yard down the street from my work. The seller was not budging on the price, which was rather high for a car like this - $1700. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures - may be because it looked bad! Truthfully, didn't have camera/time to take pictures.
Porsche 1 Porsche 2 Porsche 3

Here we go, the restoration process began... Mechanical "defects" were first. Let me point you to a great website for all Porsche owners - Rennlist. Their web forums must have saved me a fortune. That was where I found what needed to be done first. Several trouble areas needed to be addressed to prevent catastrophic engine failures. Bodywork was next. Interior came to be the hardest part of the entire project. Not having any experience, I have selected the "wrong" materials and now dashboard is "bubbling up" and glue doesn't stick in the heat. Overall the car still looks great, small trouble spots could be easily fixed...

The car is now finished (yeah, right) and is ready for the track events. Alfa Romeo club has been good in putting on affordable track days. I got a chance to participate in a couple of them and that was a blast.

My plans with the car include - HID headlight conversion kit, a removable Panasonic sub-woofer, big brake kit for front and rear brakes, new engine (distant future), turbo/supercharger kit (even further away). Immediate future for me and the car - having fun driving to and from work, as well as to and from a race track, and of course, enjoying every moment getting around a curve on a track.

On the track

Thank you for spending a couple of minutes reading this. Enjoy the rest of your stay on this site.

Sincerely, Alexandre Beloussov, site co-designer.